How it works

Proposal drafts in 60 minutes vs 60 hours.

Vultron enables organizations to comprehensively synthesize SME, capture, and business development
intelligence, producing high-quality proposals in less time, even down to the last minute.


Upload Solicitation

Vultron extracts requirements to generate a solicitation-specific proposal template and develop an understanding of the solicitation.

Synthesize & Incorporate Intelligence

Vultron locates relevant materials from your content library, such as capture, solutioning, and black hat intelligence, then synthesizes the information to produce a draft.


Refine Draft

Vultron then works with you to refine the draft until it’s ready for final review. Vultron can also intelligently synthesize last minute content and quickly incorporate it.

Review & Submit

Now it’s time to perform the final pre-submission quality check, and your proposal is ready for executive review.

Product overview
AI Proposal Writer

Comprehensively synthesizes content library and intelligence to draft proposal content.

RFP Shredder

Ensures compliance with requirements by instantly shredding RFP requirements.

Template Generator

Instantly generates proposal templates and outlines per RFP and RFI guidelines.

AI Assistant

Acts as a writer and SME, interacting with you to create high quality, compliance content.

Solution Ideator

Demonstrating value through well-crafted solutions to technical requirements.

Collaborative Editing

Facilitates collaboration, productivity, and efficiency among team members.

Graphic Collection

Enhances proposal visual appeal by efficiently incorporating targetted graphics.


Protects your proprietary data and intellectual property with a secure environment.

And Much More...

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