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Untapped Revenue Opportunities

Many organizations are leaving significant revenue on the table.

Over 51% of organizations want to submit more RFPs but are resource constrained—leaving significant revenue on the table.​
About 20% of RFPs are left incomplete by businesses each year, resulting in a median revenue loss of about $725,000.
18 mo.
Hiring more resources can be costly. The average proposal manager earns $92,851 with an industry tenure of 18 months.

Unlocking your potential

Vultron enables organizations to dedicate more time to building
relationships, refining strategy, and exploring new avenues for growth.


Reduction in drafting time
Reduce the time it takes to
draft a winning proposal


Reduction in total costs
Reduce costs in proposal development from research to proposal writing


Reduction in SME involvement
Reduce the amount of SME
time involved in drafting a


Reduction in time to submission
Reduce the total time it takes
to submit a proposal from start
to finish.


Increase in productivity
Shift your focus from extensive drafting to refining and
perfecting content


AI-Generated Content
Leverage AI to develop the
bulk of your proposal

Industries & Sectors

Vultron drives growth for organizations across all sectors and sizes.

Defense & Aerospace

Information Technology

Construction & Engineering

Healthcare & Medical Services

Energy & Environmental

Use Cases

All content is uniquely crafted to each solicitation, client, and organization.


Gain a competitive edge over competitors by crafting compelling proposals that demonstrate unique value, expertise, and a commitment to meeting client objectives.

RFI Responses

Enhance your strategic positioning in the market by delivering comprehensive RFI responses, showcasing your in-depth understanding and readiness to meet client needs effectively.

Technical Whitepapers

Elevate your industry authority by producing detailed technical whitepapers that offer insightful analysis, innovative solutions, and demonstrate thought leadership in your field of expertise.

Sales Materials

Increase your sales impact with engaging materials that communicate unique selling points, address client pain points, and highlight the tangible benefits of your products or services.

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